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Published 06. April 2022 in

Webinar: How Custimy.io prepares operations for rapid growth and change

For this webinar, we have invited Linda Hassellund from the Customer Data Platform, Custimy.io.

Natalie Melleby
Digital Marketing Specialist at ShiftX
ShiftX Webinar with Custimy.oi about how to prepare operations for rapid growth and change

As SVP of Operations at Custimy.io, Linda knew they had to document their business processes to create ownership and scale. With ambitious growth plans, their goal is to streamline and have as many processes in place as they can.

They believe by doing so, they will:

  • Be more efficient
  • Be able to scale in a better way
  • Quicker onboarding for new colleagues when knowing how things are done

They have been using ShiftX to structure different processes, such as customer onboarding and lifecycle, and data flow.

Hear more about it and watch the webinar here.

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