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Published 06. April 2022 in

Webinar: Why involving 10x more people is key to continuous improvement and change

In this webinar, Co-founders of ShiftX Eigil Sagafos (CTO) and Nikolai Strandskogen (CEO) is talking about how to engage and involve every employee to succeed with change and continuous improvement.

Are W. Sandvik
Head of Communication at ShiftX
ShiftX Webinar with ShiftX Co-Founders, Nikolai Strandskogen (CEO) and Eigil Sagafos (CTO)

Watch the webinar here.

Digitalization, innovation, streamlining, and change management. It's all about processes and making people and systems interact in new ways. But before you can change and get to a level of continuous improvement, you got to involve the people doing the work.

The story of ShiftX

While ShiftX Co-Founders Nikolai Strandskogen, Eigil Sagafos, and Kjetil Jortveit worked as consultants in design and tech agencies in Norway, they noticed that the client story often repeated itself. In most cases, clients ask consultants to assist them with their projects.

As the onboarding process begins, the consultants would want to understand today's as-is situation. The answer often lies in fragments within different departments of the client. And so the over-enthusiastic and chaotic workshops begin.

There has to be a better way of getting an accurate picture of the company's current state?

Watch the webinar to learn more about the birth of ShiftX, and how the involvement of employees is key to continuous improvement and change.

Watch the webinar here.

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