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Coca-Cola had their best national holiday deviation management thanks to process modeling in ShiftX

Mia Magnussen, Senior Manager of Omnichannel Contact at Coca-Cola in Norway has used ShiftX to streamline their processes during national holidays throughout the company. The result: their best managed Christmas holiday ever.

Coca Cola
Europe and Pacific

Mapping customer journeys, streamlining processes, visualizing as-is situations, and constantly enhancing how they do things. Mia Magnussen, Senior Manager of Omnichannel Contact at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners in Oslo, has used ShiftX for a number of different things.

Mia and her team are responsible for all B2B physical sales and digital market activities, from campaigns to websites.

They regularly use ShiftX as part of their daily activities, but there’s one area she really wants to highlight where using ShiftX is especially successful.

Streamlining the important business processes

“Norway's national holidays always create challenges for the distribution to our customers. We have deliveries on set days to all our customers, and when those days fall on national holidays, full chaos ensues. We really needed to map these processes out and get a shared understanding of them because they were pretty complex. We knew we had the potential to streamline them and save money,” said Mia.

They had some Microsoft Visio drawings of their processes, but felt they needed something more than a static whiteboard.

“We needed something more visual. So we started using ShiftX to map out how we currently execute and manage the national holidays.”

The result was their best managed Christmas holiday ever, with fewer questions and inquiries from their customers and fewer deviations. That meant less stress, and saved time and money, both for the Coca-Cola team and their customers.

“That's largely thanks to how we mapped out the process in ShiftX beforehand. And we constantly go back to our flow in ShiftX to continue iterating and improving the way we execute this,” said Mia.

Smooth handover and onboarding

During the weeks mapping out their holiday handling, the Omnichannel Contact team at Coca-Cola in Norway also had to get a new team member onboard the process.

She estimates that they spent approximately 10 hours onboarding new employees to their ongoing processes before, and that they cut this time down to only 2 hours with ShiftX, saving time both for the new employee and the team.

“He picked it up really quickly. ShiftX worked smoothly as a «handover» tool,” Mia says.

Mapping out customer journeys

In the past few weeks, Mia's team has also started using ShiftX for mapping out new routines for onboarding new customers.

“We were supposed to do it in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but we ended up doing it in ShiftX, as it was much faster and easier to use than the journey tool in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud,” explained Mia.

In the coming months, her Norwegian team will be responsible for piloting a new route planning tool that, if successful, will be used by all the other European teams.

“We plan to use ShiftX to map out all relevant processes to get a good overview of our as-is situation before and during our workshops.”

See Coca-Colas flow in ShiftX

Below you can see a copy of Coca-Colas mapping of their Holiday Management flow (in Norwegian).

Want to see it even bigger? See Coca-Colas full Holiday Management flow inside ShiftX here.

Do you believe there's a similar potential for streamlining your processes at your company? Get in touch to find out how ShiftX can be optimized for you.

Coca-Cola's results

  • Best ever results in National Holiday deviation management, Christmas 2020
  • Cut time of onboarding new employees to existing business processes by 80 percent
Mia Magnussen
Head of Omni-Contact, Coca-Cola Europacific Partner
After using ShiftX to sketch out and communicate our routines for the Christmas holidays 2020, our national holiday handling went smoother than it ever has before

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