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Ramboll uses ShiftX to ensure shared understanding when building digital solutions

Ramboll is a leading engineering, architecture, and consulting company founded in Denmark. With over 16 000 employees worldwide and more than 1500 in Norway, Ramboll is a leading player in global industries such as construction, transportation, energy, environment & health, water as well as management consulting.

A picture of three people looking at a wall, with blue transparent overlay and the Rambøll logo over it
Frode Bovim
Head of digital & innovation, Ramboll
ShiftX is a very easy and efficient tool that is well suited for building a culture where the entire organization is centered around processes.
Agile documenting
ShiftX enables Rambøll to do agile documenting and visualization of business processes
Enabled experimentation
A low barrier of entry in ShiftX has encouraged more employees to do experimentation and collaboration
Cut time on process interpretation
The end result is detailed and easy to read, with fewer misunderstandings and less time spent on interpretations

Ramboll group

With numerous processes queued for digitization, Frode Bovim, Head of Digital and Innovation at Ramboll Norway, needed a better solution to manage all the people, teams, and systems involved. ShiftX has proven to be an easy-to-use tool that quickly enables them to gain a broadly shared understanding of their processes. This, in turn, sets the stage for teams to collaborate on automating, improving, and refining them.

A visual tool for shared understanding.

Several ISO standards are increasingly centered around processes. It’s important to have detailed and accurate visual representations of these processes. This has traditionally been a demanding and error-prone task.

“In a time when process improvement and automation is so important, it is essential that everyone understands the processes and are empowered to collaborate when building digital solutions.”

Building a culture that promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration across the business will increase the value we offer, and strengthen our competitiveness. To help achieve this, Ramboll is now launching an internal platform to empower teams when developing new ideas and services. One of the components of this platform is ShiftX.

“We use ShiftX to visualize, communicate and improve our processes, but equally important, we use it as a tool to build and mature relationships between employees and teams. To us, ShiftX is an efficient and modern tool well suited when building a culture where the organization collectively better understands our processes.”

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