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Improve your processes with Artificial Intelligence

Utilize AI to transform complex process maps and tedious routine documents into intuitive workflows, empowering your team to operate more efficiently and easily improve your processes as your business evolves.
Text to flow
Image to flow

Describe the process

Use plain text to describe the process you want to create. The more specific you write, the more detailed the flow will be. Or start with one of our presets.


Which actors should be included? Actors are the roles and systems participating in the process.
Name a role, team or system etc..

How to get started?

Start with describing your process or uploading a image of an existing flow from another tool.

Can I edit my flows?

When the flow is finished building, you can click on "edit in ShiftX", and import it into ShiftX. If you don't have an account, sign up, and the generated flow will show at the top of the Setup page.

How can I share feedback?

We'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us at hello@shiftx.com, LinkedIn or join our Slack Community

What types of flows can it make?

Any process maps, customer journey maps, user flows or routines are available.

Will my data be used for LLM training?

No. OpenAI will not use your description or image to train AI models. ShiftX may analyze your usage to improve and enhance our AI feature.

What's next?

It only gets better from here. We're working to improve accuracy and layout customization. If there's something you'd really like to see, drop us a note at hello@shiftx.com.


Fix problems faster

Assign an issue to one of your teammates and track the progress as issues are being addressed.

Add new shipping option
@John, can you add the new shipping option to the dropdown menu?
Assign to
John Jameson
In progress
Search ...
John Jameson
Marvin McKinney
Jenny Wilson
Theresa Webb


Discuss with your team

Share your ideas. Discuss the process in context, tag your teammates and get work done together!

James Wilson
6 hours ago
Hey, have you looked into the new financial system upgrade @Silvia? It's supposed to streamline our transaction processing.
Silvia Johnson
30 min ago
@James Yeah, I've started digging into it. The documentation seems comprehensive, but I'm wondering how it handles reconciliation for complex derivatives. As our client base grows, we need to ensure the system can handle the increased load without compromising speed and accuracy.
Perfect! Once we have all the facts, we can make |

Keyboard shortcuts

ShiftX gives your fingertips superpowers, move through your process at lightning speed with our built-in keyboard shortcuts

Customer adds item to the Shoppin|g cart and continues to checkout page

No delay

Translating whiteboards or post-its into a process maps at a later time can be a tedious task. Now process maps can be created on the fly, eliminating uncertainty and making sure all intentions are precisely communicated


Work together

Collaborative software is transforming how we do our work. Why should process work be any different? Real-time collaboration in ShiftX turn process mapping into an inclusive and engaging activity.