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Updated 22. June 2023 in

Visio alternative

ShiftX vs Visio
Process mapping can now be done in a modern and intuitive way. ShiftX is made to be used by everyone, not just the specialists, and fits perfectly with the needs of today's software.

How is ShiftX different from Visio?

Both ShiftX and Microsoft Visio can be used for process mapping and in business process management. But there are major differences between them.

Tailor-made process mapping software

ShiftX has an intentional and well thought out way of doing process mapping that is simple to follow. With ShiftX, you get a  clear and consistent way to visualize processes.

In contrast, Visio is a free-form tool that leaves styling and structure of process mapping entirely in your hands. The starting point is an empty canvas with a library of symbols, often from the BPMN standard. The lack of structure and uniformity can easily lead to varied styles, lower readability and higher potential for miscommunication.

Auto-layout in ShiftX

Built for everyone, not only business process experts

ShiftX is designed from the bottom up for ease of use, allowing anyone to access it, not just the process mapping experts. Visio on the other hand have a steep learning curve, and is slower to use.

In a modern team or organization everyone should be up to date on what is going on and how things work in the organization. ShiftX encourages transparency and collaboration across departments.


Both ShiftX and Microsoft Visio have features that make potential options when looking for a process mapping tool.

Duration calculation
Share to web
Uniformed visual language
Data points
Windows, Web (lite version)
Free alternative

ShiftX's strengths

Smart and data-centric

ShiftX is a smart and intelligent tool. It utilizes data to help you understand your processes from different perspectives. Actors are data points added to steps that identify the roles and systems involved.

Duration is added to each step allowing ShiftX to calculate the average time for a process or the time to complete a specific path or outcome.

Modern and intuitive

ShiftX is both modern and user-friendly with an interface that meets the expectation from users in 2023.

Business processes and flows should be owned and continuously improved by the people within your business. Not external consultants. The ShiftX notation and user experience enables this. In contrast most existing process mapping tools in use today are outdated, complex and hinders understanding and collaboration outside the circle of experts using them.

Collaborative and involving

ShiftX encourages collaboration. It's built so teams and departments can work together. Involving the people that are responsible for the various parts of a process greatly improves the chance of success.

  • Invite your co-workers
  • Assign them responsibility of the individual flows
  • Share the flow with everyone involved


ShiftX plays well with other tools. You can integrate your process maps in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Confluence,Notion and any other software that we support.

In Visio it’s impossible to map and facilitate a  workshop simultaneously. With ShiftX you can. We are now spending less than half the time in mapping workshops than before

 Thomas Trier, Chief Digitalization and IT Officer at Virke

Free Visio alternative

ShiftX offers a free plan for simple use-cases. If you are an individual or a small team this can be sufficient. Check out our pricing page to find the plan that best fits your needs. Or just start with our free plan and upgrade when needed.

Visio comes with a free trial that is limited to 30 days and requires a paid plan to continue use.

Visio's strengts

When you need a generic free-form diagramming tool Visio might be the best choice for you.

Diversed product

Visio is made for several different use cases. Diagrams, forms, schemas, etc. This results in a more generic tool. If what you are looking for is the best process mapping tool, Visio can quickly feel overwhelming and extensive.

You can’t compare ShiftX and Visio on every level as there can be good reasons to use them both as several ShiftX customers do. Use ShiftX for discovery and involvement and keep Visio for the experts and their tailored needs.

Part of Microsoft Office 365

Visio core is included in Microsoft Office 365 and well integrated with the rest of the 365 suite.


If you are looking for a tool that promotes collaboration, provides actionable data insights and is simple to use, then ShiftX should be the best pick for a process mapping tool in 2023.

If you have any questions or need help deciding between Visio and ShiftX, reach out to us.

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