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Be inspired by different ways of mapping business processes.

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RPA invoice automation preview

RPA invoice automation

Automate and streamline your invoicing process with this RPA template.

Offboarding Process preview

Offboarding Process

Offboarding your people takes time. With good planning, structure, and visualization, you save hours and days.

Recruitment Process preview

Recruitment Process

Recruiting the right people takes time and resources. With good planning, you can save hours and days.

Warehouse Operations preview

Warehouse Operations

Streamline Warehouse Operations with a visualized, structured process that involves every stakeholder.

Change accounting system preview

Change accounting system

Make sure you are set up for a smooth transition when switching systems

Sales Process preview

Sales Process

Increase sales with a structured sales process that gets every stakeholder involved and aligned.

Debt Collection Process preview

Debt Collection Process

Plan and visualize your debt collection process with ShiftX to secure a common shared understanding among all stakeholders.

Lead Qualification Process preview

Lead Qualification Process

A process for determining Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) for your Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategy.

Onboarding process

Onboarding Process

Onboarding new employees, customers, or consultants takes time. Good planning can save you hours and days.

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