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Process mapping and management

Collaborative process tool for modern process work

Create, improve and manage your processes. Share it and spread knowledge with a modern collaborative tool.

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Process mapping in ShiftX

Fast and understandable process mapping

Forget confusing symbols and messy lines, the smart editor lets you describe things as they are, in a way that’s easy to understand for everyone.

Auto layout

Almost like magic!

From BPMN to ShiftX

Don’t spend your time trying to making your processes look good. ShiftX optimizes and arranges everything for you. Finally say goodbye to crossing lines.

Drag and drop

Drop it like it’s hot!

Doing big layout changes in the middle of a workshop can be frustrating and time consuming. Not anymore! ShiftX lets you rearrange your steps in seconds with drag and drop.


Keyboard shortcuts

ShiftX gives your fingertips superpowers, move through your process at lightning speed with our built-in keyboard shortcuts

Customer adds item to the Shoppin|g cart and continues to checkout page

No delay

Translating whiteboards or post-its into a process maps at a later time can be a tedious task. Now process maps can be created on the fly, eliminating uncertainty and making sure all intentions are precisely communicated


Work together

Collaborative software is transforming how we do our work. Why should process work be any different? Real-time collaboration in ShiftX turn process mapping into an inclusive and engaging activity.

Process improvement. One step at a time.

Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement using tailored solutions to improve your processes.

Time Machine

Go back and explore the process at an earlier point in time, or bring an old version back to life as a new process.

Versions in ShiftX


Fix problems faster

Assign an issue to one of your teammates and track the progress as issues are being addressed.

Add new shipping option
@John, can you add the new shipping option to the dropdown menu?
Assign to
John Jameson
In progress
Search ...
John Jameson
Marvin McKinney
Jenny Wilson
Theresa Webb


Discuss with your team

Share your ideas. Discuss the process in context, tag your teammates and get work done together!

James Wilson
6 hours ago
Hey, have you looked into the new financial system upgrade @Silvia? It's supposed to streamline our transaction processing.
Silvia Johnson
30 min ago
@James Yeah, I've started digging into it. The documentation seems comprehensive, but I'm wondering how it handles reconciliation for complex derivatives. As our client base grows, we need to ensure the system can handle the increased load without compromising speed and accuracy.
Perfect! Once we have all the facts, we can make |


Resolve bottlenecks

Adding time to steps helps you prioritize where the biggest improvements can be made.

12 min

Credit Agency receives license overview from ShiftX via Stripe

6 min

Credit Agency updates data against Population Register

14 min

Credit Agency sends out invoice to Debtor

Duration32 min

Share the process. Spread the knowledge.

Keeping processes relevant and ensuring they are being used is key for any healthy organization. Bring your process library back from the dead with collaboration and engagement.

Real-time editing

Work together like you're in the same room

Walk away from any workshop with a shared understanding and a clear plan. Continue working on the process as if you're sitting next to each other, thanks to awesome real-time editing.

Work together like you are in the same room

Access control

Onboard anyone with ease

Scale your process team while still being in control. Easily manage access levels for all workspace members.

Search 53 people
Albert Alderman
Primary owner
Belinda Boyle
Chris Chelsea
Danny Dubleton
Change permission for Belinda Boyle


Don't stop sharing

Take advantage of the extensive sharing options to distribute a process outside your workspace.

Integration of ShiftX in Slite

Great ways to use ShiftX

Employee Onboarding

Let new hires "hit the ground running" with intuitive onboarding.

Image of a bus from Oslobuss, with a purple overlay and the Oslobuss logo on top

Onboarding process with high quality expectations using ShiftX

How OsloBuss managed to shift from small production, due to COVID-19, with reduced driver pool, to enormous high-quality production while onboarding new busdrivers and still achieve 99,3% routes on schedule.

Workshop alignment

Make workshops a breeze with real-time collaboration, common understanding and ease of use.

Understanding business

Businesses are complex, but with shared understanding, people can align and accomplish their goals faster.

Process improvement

When you have processes that everyone understands, it's easy to add issues or comments. The path to improving processes has never been shorter.

An image of a OBOS construction site with two people, a purple, swayed overlay and the OBOS logo in white over it

OBOS's approach to improving processes using ShiftX

OBOS has found a new way to work with processes, enabling people that are closest to the problem to participate and work with continuous improvement from a bottom-up approach.

Implementing new systems

Document every step, from planning to implementation and training.

RPA Documentation

Document every step, from planning to implementation and training.

Kredinor logo
"ShiftX is an unusual combination of simple and professional in one and the same solution."
Hege Karlsen
Process Analyst

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