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Start from scratch with an empty flow

Create process maps and flowcharts without crossing lines. No need to be a professional designer or technical expert, just drag and drop items. Your flowchart can be done in minutes.

Powerful features

Unique features that makes you map faster and in a more more intuitive way, with no crossing lines

Automatic flow layout

With automatic flow layout you don’t have to spend more time making your flowchart look good. ShiftX optimize and arranges the steps so your lines never cross, and always keep your flows presentable.

Drag and drop elements

Editing and rearranging your flows have never been easier. Click and drag a step to see available places to drop it. And with automatic flow layout everything still looks good afterwords.

Narrative with actors

Good narratives are key to better flows. Every step need to describe who does what and how. To keep track of all the actors performing different actions in your flows, you can tag these systems, people, roles and more in your narrative and reuse them across your workspace.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use shortcuts to be even more efficient in ShiftX. View the cheat sheet to learn them all.

Useful integrations

ShiftX is the perfect fit together with your existing tools and workflows

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"ShiftX was a real lifesaver for me when corona hit""
"Amund Nygaard
CTO and Solution Architect

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