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Table of content
  1. Everyone should understand, not just the expert
  2. Collaboration is key to success
  3. Smart and intelligent tool
  4. Why ShiftX is different
Updated 21. September 2023 in

The Best Process Mapping Tool in 2023

Process mapping tools
When deciding on a process mapping tool, there are tons of options. Some established players include Lucidchart, Microsoft Visio, Miro, Draw.io and even Microsoft Powerpoint.

However none of these are tailored for business process management, and they have some major shortcomings:

If you have tried some of these tools and felt some of the mentioned shortcomings, we urge you to see how ShiftX has a radically different approach to Process Mapping and might be your best choice.

Everyone should understand, not just the expert

When doing process mapping, one of the most common pains is that people reading it don’t understand. Specialists commonly use Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). Consisting of over 100 symbols, it is known to be hard to decipher and make sense of on the receiving end.

When using PowerPoint to visualize processes, users are limited by the size of the slide and quickly find themselves spending more time aligning boxes and arrows than creating the actual content.

ShiftX was built from the ground up to be fast, easy to use and without the need to know a notation like BPMN or UML. Just tell the story of what happens with steps and paths, ‘@’ the systems and roles involved, and ShiftX takes care of the rest.

Never again spend time carefully aligning boxes and arrows. Updating or rearranging elements is a breeze as well. Just drag, drop and be done.

Collaboration is key to success

The knowledge about how a business operates is spread throughout the organization. To succeed with process mapping and business improvement, you need to capture and combine the knowledge and best practices from people all across the organization.

With ShiftX, it's easy to involve people and assign ownership to parts of a process. Allow them to add details, content, links to other systems and issues, or discuss improvement potential right in context with comments.

Smart and intelligent tool

Easily answer questions like "Where is that system in use?", "What happens before this process?" and "Who is responsible for that process?" because everything in ShiftX is data.

If you have ever used Miro, Microsoft Visio, or PowerPoint for process mapping you know it’s like working on a canvas. There is no way to see reports on what processes specific systems are part of, the connections between different business processes or the aggregated time a specific path takes through the flow.

With ShiftX you can do all of this and more. Helping you and your colleagues see the bigger picture, explore new perspectives and get on with improving and optimizing your operation.

If you want a more in-depth comparison, check out how we compare with Visio or consider these factors when choosing your process mapping tool.

Why ShiftX is different

ShiftX is tailored for Business Process Management and Process Mapping. It has an intentional and well-thought-out way of doing process mapping that results in consistent and easy-to-use process maps.

You no longer have to hire external consultants to do the work. Use the knowledge and competence of the people who already know the ins and outs of your organization. Don't hesitate to give ShiftX a try! It's easy and free to get started.

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