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Startup energy with a healthy work-life balance

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We build the most user-friendly process tool on the market. It makes it easier for people to work together, understand each other, and share the same picture of how things are done where they work.

We are constantly looking for talented people who are passionate about building and communicating good, user-friendly software.

Why work at ShiftX?

Some reasons for joining us:

A healthy work-life balance. You'll experience the enthusiasm and energy of a startup but never be forced to work around the clock. We like to see ourselves as a family-friendly startup.

Flexibility in your daily work. We currently have an office in Oslo but also work remotely from our homes – a trust-based modern working environment where we care about what works for you.

Employee stock option plan. Feel ownership of what you are building and communicating together with us, not only intellectually but economically as well.

Passionate colleagues. We all have different backgrounds. Some have bachelor's and master's degrees, others are self-taught. Some of us like football, some of us like running, others like just chilling with friends. But we are all passionate about building and communicating software that makes managing and working at a workplace easier.

A picture of three people looking at a screen in a meeting room, one person pointing at a ShiftX flow

Our values

  • Curiosity As a team, we are curious about each other. We value getting to learn and play on each other's strengths. Towards our customers, we are curious about their needs, their business, how we can improve, and what we could potentially do with ShiftX to make their workplace better in any way.
  • Generosity – As a team, we are generous towards each other. When someone is doing something well, we applaud them and take part in the joy. If someone is struggling at work or at home, we care and see if there is anything we can do to help. When doing business, we are generous by always doing what is best for the customer. We know that when building something useful and meaningful, we will win more business tomorrow by not taking a greedy shortcut today.
  • Passion – We are passionate about our business, company, and team. We are passionate about our product and the problem we are solving. And we are passionate about helping close the knowledge gap within our customer's organizations.

Your first days at ShiftX

To give you a better picture of your first day at ShiftX (and our tool), this is a rough sketch of how our onboarding is done:

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