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Customer journeys

Customer Journeys with a deeper perspective

Collaborate and create smarter customer journeys. Connect them with your business processes to understand the full depth of your service

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Customer journey in ShiftX

Journey mapping as it should be

Never let your customer journey loose relevance ever again. ShiftX helps you quickly mock out your first draft and continue to iterate.

Customer adds item to the Shoppin|g cart and continues to checkout page

Tell the story about your customers

Breathe life into your customers scenario with an intuitive narrative that easily lets you add multiple personas to each step.

24 sec

Customer signs into the Online Portal

Accessible for everyone

Get everyone aligned with an easy to understand visual language and a shared framework for both journey- and process mapping.


Real-time collaboration

Discuss and collaborate in real time with your fellow designers on making the best journey for your customers.

Map smarter with actors

Get an overview of your customers, systems, roles, and suppliers. Track actors across journeys.

Customize your persona


Easily create and personalize all your personas as actors and see them across all your journeys.

Say goodbye to swimlanes in ShiftX

Goodbye swimlanes

The innovative actor-based approach to journey mapping turns traditional swimlanes into a thing of the past. No more scrolling up and down the ever-growing list of personas and systems.

Choose from a wide range of icons in ShiftX

Personalize your actors

Customize your actors with a unique icon from a vast library of over 3000+ icons.

Turn insight into action

Truly understand what your customer is going through.

Add insight onto every step in ShiftX

Add insight to every step

Whether it's customer research or additional information ShiftX lets you add content to every step. Images, video, links or documents.

Add channels to every touchpoints in ShiftX

Highlight touchpoints

Easily identify when a customers interact with your business. Choose from a wide range of channels to vizualise the touchpoint.

Capture painpoints with Issues

Capture pain points

Issues lets you assign, categorize and track pain points related to your customer journey. Let your team help you to discover opportunities for improvements by adding issues to a step.

From Journey Mapping to Service Blueprints

Take journey mapping to the next level. Connect your customer journeys with backstage processes and routines to navigate and understand the full depth of your services.

Keep a complex hierarchy of customer journeys in ShiftX

Create hierarchy

Understand complex hierarchies by connecting your customer journeys with business processes and routines across your organization.

Explore alternative routes in your customer journeys in ShiftX

Explore alternative routes

Create more realistic customer journeys with alternative journey routes. Add decision points to your customer journey and see what happens when a customer take the other direction.

Involve your team

Involve your team in ShiftX

Break silos and involve more people with collaborative editing. Perfect for remote teamwork.

Assign ownership

Assign ownership in ShiftX

Let everyone see who's responsible for a particular journey. Or who's assigned to a specific solution. Keeping your progress transparent.

Share with third-parties

Share the impact of your teams work. Integrate or embed your journey anywhere. Align stakeholders and keep everyone up to speed.

All integrations

Improve indefinitely

Navigate the evolution of your customer journey with a modern tool tailored for continuous improvement.

Go from As-is to To-be in ShiftX

‘From As-Is to To-Be’

Map out the current customer journey with As-Is, and see into the future with 'To-Be'. Switch between the two effortlessly.

Iterate with ease in ShiftX

Iterate with ease

With features like auto layout and drag & drop, refining your customer journeys becomes a hassle-free experience. Adapt, modify, and evolve your journeys without the constraints of traditional tools.

Address pain points in ShiftX with Issues

Address pain points & track progress

Highlight areas that need improvement with pain points and track your progress as you fine-tune the customer journey.

Prioritize opportunities in ShiftX

Prioritize opportunities

Easily identify opportunities to enhance the customer experience, and prioritize them to ensure that the most impactful changes are made first.

Add time in ShiftX


Add time to your customer journeys to see where the ineffectiveness is. Make adjustments and see the simulation of the potential effect of these changes.

Great ways to use ShiftX

Process improvement

When you have processes that everyone understands, it's easy to add issues or comments. The path to improving processes has never been shorter.

Image of a bus from Oslobuss, with a purple overlay and the Oslobuss logo on top

Onboarding process with high quality expectations using ShiftX

How OsloBuss managed to shift from small production, due to COVID-19, with reduced driver pool, to enormous high-quality production while onboarding new busdrivers and still achieve 99,3% routes on schedule.

Workshop alignment

Make workshops a breeze with real-time collaboration, common understanding and ease of use.

Implementing new systems

Document every step, from planning to implementation and training.

Understanding business

Businesses are complex, but with shared understanding, people can align and accomplish their goals faster.

A hand paying something with a credit card, with blue transparent overlay and the Mastercard logo over it

Mastercard builds closer connections with their clients using ShiftX

Mastercard is going through a shift from delivering a product to also offering consultancy. Using ShiftX, they have found a way to collaborate with their customers on their full processes and workflows, not only on isolated touchpoints.

RPA Documentation

Document every step, from planning to implementation and training.

Employee Onboarding

Let new hires "hit the ground running" with intuitive onboarding.

Master card logo
"Using ShiftX with our customers, we show that we understand their processes and workflows"
Kjersti Figenschou
Key Account Manager

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