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Close the knowledge gap

ShiftX is a collaborative tool, empowering teams to easily visualize, understand and improve how your business operates.

Efficiently describe any process with ShiftX

Collect and connect

Knowledge is everywhere. Collect it smartly and watch as it turns into a digital blueprint of your business.

Explore and learn

Engage everyone with simple and powerful ways to navigate and explore the connected data.

Understand and improve

Experiencing information in context sparks ideas that otherwise would require considerable effort to discover.

It’s all about everyone

We believe that a proficient business management system should be accessible to all employees. ShiftX is built to be relevant and easy to use for everyone in the organization.

Actors at the core

The core building block of ShiftX is the Actor. Actors represent roles, departments and systems. The “who” and “what” of the business. Anything or anyone can be represented as an actor.

Process modeling by telling the story

A process is a series of steps. And a step is simply a story involving one or more actors. We have made process modeling intuitive and enjoyable.

Everything is connected

ShiftX gets better the more you use it. As processes connect to other processes the complexities of the business are made understandable by the connections.

Highlight problems

To improve your business you need to understand where you have friction. ShiftX makes it easy to highlight pain and problems by assigning issues.

Navigate time with Shift+X

The X-axis is an important part of ShiftX. Everything you do in ShiftX resides in time. This allows you to scroll back in time to learn from previous changes.

Why our users love ShiftX

Ready for the future

ShiftX is built for collaboration, ease-of-use and to provide value across entire organization.

Share knowledge

Effective ways to share knowledge across the organization is crucial in today's fast changing businesses. Given the right tools most employees are more than happy to see their knowledge and experience come to benefit the business and their colleagues.

Improve internal communication

Studies show that about 15% of all employees time is wasted due to the lack of information, bad communication and misunderstandings.[1] ShiftX customers experience almost immediate improvement in this area.

Better customer experience

Globalization and digitalization has shifted competition in numerous industries to be about delivering the best customer experience[1]. ShiftX is great way to document, understand and improve the customer journey.

Reduce risk

Using ShiftX across teams will mitigate some risk in itself due to the effect of better communcation, knowledge sharing and a clear visual process langauge. In addition we plan to add specific features to support working with risk mitigation.

Continually improve

Using issues in ShiftX to highlight problems and assigning process ownership to the right people is a great way to start working on optimizing and improving your business.

“ShiftX is essential to ensure that everyone is on the same page and to clearly communicate ownership across the business.”

Siw Lowe,
Head of Business Management