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The process tool everyone can use

Give every employee a better understanding and ownership of your business and processes.

Efficiently describe all your processes and connect them

Cross-section collaboration

You can give multiple teams and departments access to your workspace.

Access control

You will have different levels of user access, from observer and contributor to user, administrator and owner.

No download needed

Full access to everything in your browser.

Public sharing

You can share a public link to the latest version of your flow, letting “outsiders” view your process.

Issue handling

Map out your teams issues on every step in your process, to never forget what you are working on improving.

Connected data

Mapped actors, issues and processes are stored as data and accessible in dashboards.

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Frode Bovim
Head of digital & innovation, Ramboll
"ShiftX is a very easy and efficient tool that is well suited when building a culture where the entire organization is centered around processes."
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Thomas Trier
Chief Digitalization and IT Officer, Virke
"ShiftX is so visual that people don't need training to start using it."
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Per Olav Borgsø
COO, Ohmia Charging
"A lot of the culture we have built in Ohmia I want to credit ShiftX - it has made it easy for us to share ideas, involve everyone and collaborate remotely"
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Single source of truth

Document all your processes, workflows and customer journeys in ONE place

Version control

Scroll back in time and see how your process has developed from version to version

version control

No training required

So easy to use, everyone will feel included and capable

Built for future minded people

Process and HR professionals

Get a digital single source of truth for all your internal and external processes. Collaborate with anyone at your company, assigning issues to solve to the right people – no tool training or courses required.

Business, innovation and digitalization managers

Streamline processes by getting a better visual overview of your processes, as-is, and easily and rapidly sketch out the cost saving, more effective to-be alternatives.

Service designers

Sketch out Customer Journeys and as-is and to-be scenarios with ease, digitally, together with your product team, clients, or on your own. Forget about post-its and paper rolls – get a version-handling digital log of your processes today.

See for yourself

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