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Published 03. March 2022 in

Adding duration to your process mapping

Now you can map the estimated time on a step in ShiftX.

Are W. Sandvik
Product Manager, ShiftX
"Duration and probability in ShiftX" written over a green transparent background

You can now include time and probability when mapping your processes in ShiftX. With our new release, you can:

  • map out the estimated time spent on every step
  • visualize the probability of every path happening

Mapping time and duration

One of our most asked for features the last months, has been a way to document and visualize the aspect of time in ShiftX. How long does this process take? How much time do we spend doing this step each time?

By visualizing and talking about duration together, opportunities for streamlining and improvement always become evident. "Does this really take 15 hours? We really need to do something about this".

This is where you can document the estimated duration of a step in your process (or flow, as we call them) in ShiftX:

Mapping time in your ShiftX flows always gives you a better picture of how your processes improve over time, from version to version.

Mapping split probability

Another feature we just released together with the option to map duration, is the option to map probability in the "one-splits". This means, you can indicate an estimate of how probable (in percent) it is that each paths actually happens, in splits where only one of the many paths is realized.

This is how it looks in a ShiftX flow:

Mapping both probability and duration of each step then gives you an indication of the duration of the flow, and how the flow pans out in real life. This is how you can do it yourself:

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