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    Updated 21. December 2021 in

    Improved product onboarding

    Screenshot of the first step of ShiftX onboarding process, where you can go through the whole onboarding or else click skip

    As ShiftX is now available for Freemium and Free trial use, it became more important to (digitally) show first-time users around in the product. So we create a new onboarding path and improved the general self-service journey of new users.


    • Initial onboarding for new users
    • Show what item you are deleting in the confirm delete modal
    • Improved self-service

    Fixes and small improvements

    • Fix bug with dragging canvas when zoomed in/out
    • Sort people in by role
    • Fix bug with additional information not showing when selecting a path
    • Filter on flow name in the Issue list
    • Fix root end not showing in public flows
    • Add spinner after inviting users to prevent multiple emails
    • Added flow and versions to the filename of the downloaded image
    • Clicking the X in inputs keep focus inside the input
    • Fixed cursor pointer issue in the footer
    • Sorted actor involvements based on times involved