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    Updated 12. May 2023 in

    A more personal, efficient and optimistic ShiftX

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    This update features major improvements across ShiftX. Optimistic sync, personalized lists, better rendering and improved calculations

    We have been hard at work over the past several months making major improvements to the foundational components powering ShiftX. We hope you enjoy what these changes already has allowed and are excited for more to come in the next few weeks and months!

    🚀 ShiftX is now optimistic. This gives you a native feel and has allowed us to eliminate 99% of waiting spinners. Changes are seamlessly synced in the background and propagated in near real time to other users in your workspace. Happy collaboration!

    ⚙️ We have rebuilt the render engine powering ShiftX from the ground up. You will see that most flows are more more compact and screen effecient. Edit mode has also seen several improvements in drag and drop. We have also added the option to toggle on and off the visibility of different elements in the flows.

    👩‍💻 New personalized lists gives you quick access to the flows, issues and comments that you are participating in.

    🧮 We have made several improvements to how you can use duration and probability. Average flow duration is calculated and visible in lists, while duration and accumulated probability is available in the “Done” dialogue.

    Other noticable changes include:

    • Global search (access with ctrl+k/cmd+k)
    • Delete items with dependencies
    • Delete multiple selected itemsDrag multiple selected items
    • Easier update of flow name and setting
    • Export as PDF
    • Show channel and duration simultaneously
    • Actor details in public flows
    • Overall better search and filtering
    • Show bullet points and numbered lines in the content block preview in side panel
    • Comments overview (both "my comments" and all comments inside a flow)
    • [BETA] Content as step icon. Toggle to show content as icon instead of actor icons
    • [BETA] Weighted lines. Lines will differ in thickness according to the probability