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      Understand complex Flowcharts and processes
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    • Replace Visio
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Examples of ShiftX flows

From Finance to HR, Marketing to Sales, ShiftX helps you optimize all your processes and workflows.

Our customers use ShiftX for different purposes, depending on their needs. Some use ShiftX to map out internal processes, identify who should do what and when, and understand how workflows are connected throughout the workplace.

Others use it to document workshops, as a customer journey tool, and last but not least, building a culture with a common shared understanding.

Whatever their needs, all of them have one thing in common. They achieve a single source of truth with ShiftX.

Here are some examples of (generic) ShiftX flows that you can use for inspiration.

Procurement – a process of buying goods and services

A procurement process that visualizes purchases within a given organization. See the full-screen procurement flow in ShiftX or the embedded flow below.

Sales process

A sales process, from lead generation to closing, and eventually the hand-off to the onboarding process. See the full-screen sales flow in ShiftX or the embedded flow below.

Warehouse operations – picking and dispatching

A ShiftX flow for warehouse operations that shows how items are being picked and dispatched from the warehouse. It includes references that show the responsibilities. See the full-screen warehouse flow in ShiftX or in the embedded flow below.

Debt collection

A ShiftX flow of the financial operations of a debt collector. See the full-screen debt collection flow in ShiftX or the embedded flow below.

Santas package delivery

Have you ever wondered how Santa plans his package delivery every year? Wonder no more. View Santas package delivery process in full-screen view in ShiftX or the embedded flow below.

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