• Use cases
    • Visual Documentation
      More engaging than text-heavy documents
    • Team alignment
      Understand complex Flowcharts and processes
    • Flowchart mapping
      Map smarter and faster in a modern way
    • Replace Visio
      Map processes and flowchart faster
  • Features
  • Templates
  • Integrations
  • Pricing
Microsoft Teams

Visualizing and communicating business processes and workflows should be easy and smooth. To make it even easier to communicate the business flows you create in ShiftX with your colleagues, let us show you how to share them in your Microsoft Teams workspace. With this integration, you can easily navigate and edit your ShiftX flows from within your Microsoft Teams channel.


Click the "+" icon inside Teams channel to add a tab. When choosing between all the different integrations and apps, choose "Website", or the synonym in the language you have set as your preferred language in your Microsoft Teams (here is how you change language in your Microsoft Teams app). Once you have added the tab with a link to your ShiftX flow, you can navigate around in your flow, inside your team channel in Teams.

And after entering ShiftX in MS Teams the first time, you don't have to log in to ShiftX again - you can just work directly in and change between flows.