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Published 26. April 2021 in

How we are building our sales team

Where do you want to start, when you have a product you believe in, and you want to take it to the market and grow?

A picture of Joakim Nguyen with the text "Welcome Joakim Nguyen" over it

A lot is written about growth and sales, especially in the startup world. To build our sales team, we searched for help with a guy that has done it all before and found Seth DeHart. He has helped a lot of Saas startups take their products to the market by building the right sales team in-house. He has done it by what he calls building sales engines.

We regularly check in with Seth and will use him for sales coaching going forward, tweaking our message and all the details in our sales work. All our people working with sales in the future will be given coaching with Seth.

The first recruitment in our sales team is Joakim Nguyen, who was responsible for building up an SDR (Sales Development Representative) branch in the Norwegian startup Teston, before they were bought up by UserTesting, March 2020.

What’s an SDR, you might ask yourself? Well, a sales process is often like this:

Lead → Qualified lead → Customer

And the process of finding qualified leads is the job of the SDR, finding the leads that are qualified, and arranging the meetings with them. The most important job of the SDR, therefore, is to determine if a generated lead, a potential new customer, really is a good fit. Do they need the product? What value could using our product give them? Why should they start using us?

After a lead has turned into a qualified one, a sales representative has a meeting, and closes the deal, if the customer-product-fit is right.

Going forward, we are looking to hire both more sales representatives and SDRs. Give us a shout if you’re interested!

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