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Published 07. April 2021 in

– I want to help ShiftX grow

When building a company from the ground, we believe in hiring people that do things better than we do them ourselves.

A picture of Omar Chaliss, ShiftX’s newest Sales Development Representative (SDR)

In the last couple of months, we have started building our sales team and are today very happy to welcome Omar Chaliss as one of our new Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

– I want to join in on ShiftX’s journey to help with the growth and learn the life of a young aged startup, Omar says.

Chaliss is a BI Norwegian Business School student, taking a degree in economics and administration while also starting his full-time job. He has also been working with support and sales at Maskineriet and Wolt for the last years.

– Omar has already impressed us in solving the case at the job interview, and we really believe he can help us grow as an SDR, Kjetil Jortveit, Chief Growth Officer, says.

Want to say hi to Omar? Join our Slack community to talk to other ShiftX users and all of us working here.

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