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    Updated 12. November 2021 in

    How to: See different versions of your process

    Screenshot of a ShiftX Youtube tutorial explaining Version Control in ShiftX
    ShiftX is all about mapping your "as-is" situation, finding ways to improve and map out "to-be" scenarios. By doing that, the same flow will organically develop and grow. Especially when all of your colleagues join in with their own perspectives on how things are done, and should be done in the future.

    We've all been there - looking through old files, folders, and emails to find the outdated, second or last version of something. With ShiftX, your old business processes don't need to be deleted, forgotten, or hidden away top-secret documents anymore.

    When you feel satisfied with your first flow in ShiftX and press publish, you've got your first version of that flow. Maybe you invite a colleague to review it, and they create issues, comments and maybe even invite other colleagues to pitch in. After a while, you press publish again, and you have the second version of your flow. The most recent published version will be the first you see in your ShiftX dashboard, but you will always be able to go back to older versions.

    To see how watch the short video below.

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