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Updated 11. November 2021 in

You can now end paths in ShiftX

Screenshot of the flow editor in ShiftX, with a green slightly transparent overlay
Release: End paths, multi drag steps, splits, and references, and share your flow as a png file.

We love all thought-through feedback from our users. Without it, we would be making ShiftX in the dark — our users really help us make something better.

Even though we have our own ideas of our most important new product features in the coming months, we always listen to our users and take their requests into account when prioritizing our product development time. Some of the feedback we’ve got in the last months has been about setting an ending point for paths.

When you map out a process (or flow, as we call them in ShiftX), some paths that are part of your whole process end before others. That’s just how they are. Today we open up for doing this in our tool as well — now you can end paths in ShiftX.

By clicking the “+”-sign and choosing “End,” the path ends where you want it to, mirroring your real-world process. Enabling this, we hope ShiftX is even better suited to map out your processes and workflows.

“Multi-drag” and export of flow as an image

Another new feature in our release is the possibility of marking open splits and more steps and dragging them around. In other words, you can now mark and move more than one thing.

Many of you have also asked us if we could develop a possibility to export flows as files. Well, now you can! In the top right corner of your ShiftX dashboard, you can now export your flow as an image (PNG) and share it with colleagues. You can still (of course) invite people into your ShiftX workspace as observers and contributors, but if you, for some reason, would rather show them an image of your current workflow, now you can.

Other fixes

  • Fixed a bug with cursor offset in the narrative text field
  • The shared public link of a flow now refers to the latest published version instead of draft

For you curious ones out there

As we started writing, we love to get in touch with all of you, hear your thoughts, and show you our product. If you use Slack, you can join our Slack community to follow the development of ShiftX, discuss with the product team and talk to other ShiftX-users. If you use Shipright (product development feedback tool), you can follow people's feature requests and status on our public dashboard there.

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