• Use cases
    • Visual Documentation
      More engaging than text-heavy documents
    • Team alignment
      Understand complex Flowcharts and processes
    • Flowchart mapping
      Map smarter and faster in a modern way
    • Replace Visio
      Map processes and flowchart faster
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Be inspired by different ways of mapping business processes.

Lead Qualification Process

A process for determining Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) for your Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategy.


Offboarding your people takes time. With good planning, structure, and visualization, you save hours and days.


Onboarding new employees, customers, or consultants takes time. Good planning can save you hours and days.

Debt Collection

Plan and visualize your debt collection process with ShiftX to secure a common shared understanding among all stakeholders.

Warehouse Operations

Streamline Warehouse Operations with a visualized, structured process that involves every stakeholder.