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Implement new systems

Implement a new system effectively by utilizing ShiftX throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation and training

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Change accounting system preview

Change accounting system

By ShiftX
Start from scratch with an empty flow

Implement a new system effectively by utilizing ShiftX throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation and training. With ShiftX, you can ensure that each step is well-planned and executed smoothly.

To facilitate a seamless transition, map out each action required, and incorporate issues into a structured flow to easily identify any potential risks or challenges that may arise. ShiftX can also provide valuable insights into the estimated timeline and cost implications for your organization.

Take advantage of the step-by-step guides offered within ShiftX to educate stakeholders and others within the organization about the new system. Leverage the platform's integrations to embed links to training materials from other systems, ensuring that all individuals are proficient in using the new system effectively

Powerful features

Custom made features for helping you integrate and deliver a smooth transition between software, tools and systems


While mapping a flow you will likely come across areas where you see potensial problems, or maybe you have some suggestions for improvements. Adding an issue to this step will let you describe the problem, track its progress and assign it to someone that fix it.


How long does a step take? Or a flow? Add duration to any step to calculate average duration on a flow.


Sometimes you need to add additional info to a step. In the content-tab you can add notes, images and links to provide useful info and instructions.

Useful integrations

ShiftX is the perfect fit together with your existing tools and workflows

OBOS' logo

OBOS's approach to improving processes using ShiftX

An image of a OBOS construction site with two people, a purple, swayed overlay and the OBOS logo in white over it
"ShiftX encourages a bottom-up approach by allowing those who participate in the process to suggest improvements.""
"Hilde Rannem Rostad
Director, Digitaization of financial services

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