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Routines and procedures

Manage your routines with confidence

Make sure your routines are up to date and embraced by the entire organization.

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Create engaging routines

Checklists are great when going to the grocery store. But when setting up routines or critical procedures for your business, you need a better system.

Effortless editing

Create, manage and share your routines effortlessly together with your team.

Edit your routines with ease in ShiftX

It’s dynamic

Conditional logic can make routines complex and confusing. Decisions makes it easy.

Make decisions in your procedure


Connect your routines and procedures together to create seamless workflows.

Routines can be connected together

Organize with ease

Managing and administrating your routines have never been a fun experience. Until now.

Manage and organize your procedures

Follow procedures with ease

Routines and procedures are pointless if nobody are following them. Make it as easy as browsing your facebook-feed.

Acccess your procedures from anywhere

Get notified

Stay in the loop with the most important updates and changes.

In your pocket

Browse, view and edit your routines wherever you are.

Acccess your procedures from anywhere

Capture feedback

Discuss and add feedback on any step in your routines.

Right on track

Track your progress by completing steps as you go.

Personal dashboard

Boost your productivity and keep tabs on your routines from your own personal dashboard.

See progress in real-time

Communicate changes

Stay compliant and inform the right people when important changes has been made to your routines.

Notify the right people
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