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RPA invoice automation preview

RPA invoice automation

By ShiftX
Start from scratch with an empty flow

Change always starts with understanding the status quo. Effective flow mapping is crucial for this work. ShiftX makes this both user-friendly and smart.

Powerful features


Sometimes you need to add additional info to a step. In the content-tab you can add notes, images and links to provide useful info and instructions.


Integrate your flows into other tools and websites to share them with your colleagues or even with people outside your workspace.


Discussions are best when you can have them face to face, but when that is not possible it is smart to have them in context of what you are working on. In ShiftX you can add comments to any step, and mention people you want to notify about your comment.

Add images, links and notes to every step with relevant content

Useful integrations

ShiftX is the perfect fit together with your existing tools and workflows

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