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Mid-year update from CEO Nikolai

Nikolai summarizes the first half of 2022, with product development, webinars, customer cases, and our Product Hunt launch.
Nikolai Strandskogen
An image of ShiftX ceo Nikolai Strandskogen

Here's a little mid-year update from me, Nikolai, CEO of ShiftX.

Some highlights from 2022 this far

It's been a very active first half of the year, with some major improvements in the product:

  • Content blocks – a new way to add documentation to your steps in ShiftX, with Notes, Links and Images.
  • Duration and Probability – a new way to visualize time spent on each step in your process.
  • Access control – decide who has what access to which of the flows in your workspace.
Three icons with the texts "Private", "Shared", and "Open" written under each of them

We also aired some webinars you're free to watch as recordings:

The text "A process' role in implementing a business strategy" written on a blue background, with two circles with faces in them

And we wrote some new customer use cases:

Product Hunt launch

On the 4th of July, we also launched our product on, giving us a lot of really great feedback from product lovers all around the world, and some interesting new connections. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you're considering launching something yourself, and want advice.

Some help planning your summer holiday

As always, if there's something you're missing or want to ask us, don't hesitate to get in touch or join our Slack community to let us know.

And if you need help planning your summer holiday, check out our Summer Holiday Planning process:

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