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Mastercard builds closer connections with their clients using ShiftX

Mastercard is going through a shift from delivering a product to also offering consultancy. Using ShiftX, they have found a way to collaborate with their customers on their full processes and workflows, not only on isolated touchpoints.
A hand paying something with a credit card, with blue transparent overlay and the Mastercard logo over it
Kjersti Figenschou
Key Account Manager
Using ShiftX with our customers, we show that we understand their processes and workflows
Increased workshop efficiency
More efficient Client and Customer workshops, co-operating digitally in the tool
Closer relation to clients
Mastercard's relation to their clients has shifted from bein a "presenter and audience" relationship, to a real-time co-creation relationship

18 500+ (2019)
New York, US

Kjersti Figenschou works as a Key Account Manager at Mastercard and needs to understand how her customers’ fundamental processes and workflows are connected.

– Before going into a recent meeting with one of my clients, I drew up one of their workflows in ShiftX. During the session, instead of me presenting some PowerPoint slides, we could work together in ShiftX. They could comment on our view of their processes and much quicker get the same picture, Figenschou says.

As a result, Kjersti says they used less time to understand each other, giving space for more in-depth collaboration on the actual areas for improvement.

– I missed a tool like this

For the last few years, Kjersti says she has been looking for a tool like this.

– It hasn’t always been easy to get a grip on the whole process of the customer. But using ShiftX, our customers tell us that now we understand. We get deeper into the matter when we all collaborate in a tool, instead of one of the sides just presenting some findings to the other, Kjersti says.

Easy to start using

Kjersti also found it very easy to start using ShiftX.

– I started my meeting with this client by excusing myself for being a beginner using ShiftX and asking for their patience. But midway through the meeting, they called me a superuser of it already. It’s straightforward to learn and understand. Very intuitive. And I am no tech genius, Figenschou says.

On the whole, she says collaborating in ShiftX has strengthened their relationship with their customers.

– It`s easier to both listen to my customer and understand each other - at the same time, Kjersti says.

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