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Onboarding process with high quality expectations using ShiftX

How OsloBuss managed to shift from small production, due to COVID-19, with reduced driver pool, to enormous high-quality production while onboarding new busdrivers and still achieve 99,3% routes on schedule.
Image of a bus from Oslobuss, with a purple overlay and the Oslobuss logo on top
Fredrik Eijerstam
CEO of OsloBuss
For a guy that's over average interested in processes and structure, it's a fantastic tool to draw up processes
99,3% routes on schedule
High-quality delivery while replacing Flytoget
Improved the level of understanding throughout the company
Smooth onboarding of new busdrivers on limited time with high-quality expectations

Charter and touring buses

OsloBuss is a family-owned company, established in 2002, specializing in charter and touring buses. It was the first company to begin using a fully electric touring bus in Northern Europe, and it has set an ambitious goal to be fossil-free by 2023 and not to have any more diesel trucks by that time.

Their customers are (among others) Flytoget, the Norwegian Army, the IKEA-bus, Coop Obs, and the Municipal educational Officer.

They also have a lot of school buses in Oslo, and transport about 1000 students each and every day. It's all very complex, and a lot of processes to keep track of, says Fredrik Eijerstam, CEO of OsloBuss.

Onboarding new drivers during a pandemic

Like many others, OsloBuss faced challenges due to the pandemic. Pre-summer 2021, their driver pool was reduced and OsloBuss was to replace Flytoget, the airport express train in Norway, as part of the summer deviation plan for Flytoget. Flytoget is very quality-focused, and is expected to and known for being right on time and delivering excellent customer service. OsloBuss was going from small to enormous production in a short period of time.

They faced a lot of challenges:

  • Elevate all employees, both existing and new, to this high-quality level
  • Limited time
  • Limited resources in administration
  • Onboarding new drivers
  • Deliver excellent customer experience

And last but not least, how to make every role clear to everyone?

The solution

For OsloBuss, it became important to find a tool to reach out to as many drivers as possible, and map out what it means to be a Flytoget-driver, what it meant to work for OsloBuss, as well as the customer journey flow. E-learning and ShiftX turned out to be great tools to achieve this.

- For a guy that's over average interested in processes and structure, it's a fantastic tool to draw up processes, Fredrik says

The importance of inclusion

OsloBuss has been working with ShiftX for about 2 years now. When they first started using the tool pre-summer 2021 to face the challenges they experienced, Fredrik started by mapping everything, the whole organization, and all its processes, out himself at first.

And after he was done, he invited everyone else in. But they didn't understand anything. As he drew everything from his own mind, the interaction was lost. To get an accurate picture, they quickly understood they had to make the process of mapping out everything more inclusive.

- Instead, we sat down in a meeting room together and mapped every challenging case we knew of, Fredrik says.

By mapping it out together, all parties were able to agree and clarify their roles and responsibilities. How long each one is responsible, when its transferred, etc.

- Just the simple move of sitting together, the whole group, to clarify responsibility, gave us a better flow, Fredrik says.

The result: Out of 27 000 trips in one month with 100 bus drivers on duty and 20 customer advisors, 99,3 percent of scheduled trips were on time.

Improved the level of understanding

According to Fredrik, the implementation and delivery turned out very well, which also makes them able to harvest useful experiences for next year's delivery. Having the right tool has helped the company to get a better flow of things, better understanding, and reduce stress.

- You're able to map out the full onboarding flow, from A-Z, in a structured, nice way. Everyone knows what's supposed to happen in which step, and what's supposed to happen afterward.

By mapping out steps and responsibilities in the process and their internal routines, the whole atmosphere in the group has changed and improved.

- Through ShiftX, e-learning, and routines, we improve the level of understanding throughout the company, Fredrik concludes.

In closing, Fredrik comments that the more they use ShiftX, the more they use the finesse and different features it offers.

Breakfast seminar recording

If you are interested to hear and see how OsloBuss use ShiftX, watch the recording of our live seminar here:

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