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ShiftX has been key when building the culture at Ohmia

In the spring of 2019 we started working with Per Olav Borgsø, COO of Ohmia Charging, a company in Trønder Energi group. Ohmia has a goal of becoming the best supplier of EV home-charging for housing cooperatives in Norway.
A picture of a family in front of a car, with a blue transparent overlay and Ohmia Charging logo over it
Per Olav Borgsø
COO, Ohmia Charging
I want to give credit to ShiftX for a lot of the culture we have built at Ohmia - it has made it easy for us to share ideas, involve everyone, and collaborate remotely.
Time spent in meetings cut 50%
Meeting time related to process improvements is halved
Onboarding 20% faster
Onboarding of new employees and customers is 20 percent more efficient using ShiftX
Quicker from idea to implementation
Time from idea to implementation is shorter and the process much smoother when documenting in ShiftX

Ohmia charging

"When we started the company in 2018, we hired product designers to visualize our customer processes. The processes were given to us as pdf files. We had no more than started working on implementing these before we had to make changes and improvements. Updating the PDFs would require access to special tools, a lot of training and licenses.

Some of our processes and routines were also documented in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. They were time-consuming to create and update, as well as being almost impossible for new employees to get a handle on as fast as we needed", Borsø says.

The need for a collaborative solution

Since Ohmia had set ambitious goals of rapid growth in a new market, the need for an intuitive and efficient tool for working with processes was obvious. With teams across multiple geographic locations, easy collaboration was important.

ShiftX gave us immediate effect in the way we communicate and work across locations and units. With a clear common understanding of the business we could move much faster.

In less than a year, Ohmia Charging has grown from two to 30 employees.

ShiftX is now used throughout the company and the value chain. Internal and external processes are linked together to form the ideal customer journey. Existing processes are being improved and new ones are being developed. Hypotheses are quickly tested and roadmaps are visualized in ShiftX. Training and onboarding of new employees have also proven to be areas with great savings in time and with less friction. When new services are launched, the corresponding ShiftX process is shared for faster and more efficient rollouts.

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