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Servebolt made ShiftX their shared common language for visualization of business processes

Servebolt start all new projects using ShiftX. – No matter how technically skilled a project member is, everyone can understand any process when we map it out together in ShiftX, Head of Product at Servebolt, Thomas Audunhus says.

Oslo, Norway

Competing with the likes of Google and Amazon, Servebolt delivers hosting of websites and online stores to customers that need high speed and scalability. In their own words, they provide the fastest hosting in the world.

But, like many other companies selling technically complex services, they also meet the challenge of explaining their technically complex processes and services to their clients and employees in an understandable way.

Creating a shared understanding

Thomas Audunhus, Head of Product at Servebolt, says they’ve worked with processes and customer journeys for years and tested many different methods and tools that suited and stimulated their dynamic way of working.

“The question for us, to put it bluntly, has always been «How can we explain the non-nerdy things to the nerds, and the nerdy things to the non-nerds?» And the solution popped up with ShiftX and its straightforward and accessible way to collaborate on mapping out and visualizing any process,” says Thomas.

Making the complex accessible

For Thomas and Servebolt, the key to working efficiently with their projects has always been good communication. And for them, good communication often means the ability to explain complex processes and technical implementations understandably.

“And visualization has been key in this communication. But we didn’t have one standard for doing this. We used different models and tools, and visualization ended as a supplement and not a core activity. That’s why we implemented ShiftX throughout our company, to have this shared language of how we visualize our processes”, Thomas says.

In two days, with four meetings in total, they had implemented ShiftX as their new tool for visualizing processes and projects.

A common visualization language

Now they start every new project with collaborative workshops in ShiftX.

“We’ve now got a visualization language that doesn’t demand any skill – now the people in IT understand the people in marketing, and the other way around,” Audunhus says.

Servebolt's results

  • 50-70 percent shorter and fewer preparation meetings
  • Less deviation between planned and actual execution
  • More accessible and understandable documentation
  • Better cross-sectional common understanding, both internally and externally
  • Onboarding new employees in 3-4 hours
  • Shorter time span from idea to launch, and clients experience less friction
Thomas Audunhus
Head of Product, Servebolt
We've now got a visualization language that doesn't demand any skill – now the people in IT understand the people in marketing, and the other way around

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