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Visio alternative

ShiftX offers an alternative to Visio for everyone who finds Visio limited in collaboration capabilities, outdated interface and hard to maintain.

With ShiftX, process mapping can be done in a more user-friendly way, making it easier to understand for all your non-Visio-expert colleagues.

Powerful features

Features custom made to solve the trouble your are facing in Visio

Automatic flow layout

With automatic flow layout you don’t have to spend more time making your flowchart look good. ShiftX optimize and arranges the steps so your lines never cross, and always keep your flows presentable.

Narrative with actors

Good narratives are key to better flows. Every step need to describe who does what and how. To keep track of all the actors performing different actions in your flows, you can tag these systems, people, roles and more in your narrative and reuse them across your workspace.


Sometimes you need to add additional info to a step. In the content-tab you can add notes, images and links to provide useful info and instructions.

Useful integrations

ShiftX is the perfect fit together with your existing tools and workflows

Ohmia charging logo

ShiftX has been key when building the culture at Ohmia

A picture of a family in front of a car, with a blue transparent overlay and Ohmia Charging logo over it
"I want to give credit to ShiftX for a lot of the culture we have built at Ohmia - it has made it easy for us to share ideas, involve everyone, and collaborate remotely.""
"Per Olav Borgsø
COO, Ohmia Charging

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