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Published 22. December 2021 in

– It's been a special and active year

CEO Nikolai Strandskogen summarizes 2021, a year we've grown from six to 14 employees, opened an office in Amsterdam, and moved into our new headquarters in Oslo.

A picture of Nikolai Strandskogen and Eigil Sagafos working on their laptops

Before ending the last chapter of 2021, I just wanted to give you a summary of our year.

Building the team πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ

For us, 2021 has been about further developing and communicating our product. But even more, it's been about building the right team to do so. After our seed round in November 2020, we've grown from six to 14 employees, opened an office in Amsterdam, sneaked in a physical all-hands meeting in Oslo (when we were allowed to), and entered our new headquarters in Nedre Vollgate 5 in Oslo.

Even though we all miss spending more time physically working together, I've been very impressed with how we've all adapted to building a company and a culture (mostly) from our home offices. Regular 1-on-1s, social Kahoots, and good digital tools for collaboration (shoutout to Remotion, Intercom, Slack, Github, Sanity, Mixpanel, Linear, and Figma, among others) have brought us closer when physical presence has been impossible.

An active year πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Even though the world has been partly shut down, it's been a very active and eventful year for us. We've:

Made some frequently asked-for new product features:

  • Comments – a way to leave comments and notifications to each other inside ShiftX.
  • Loop – go back to a given split, step, or reference, instead of ending your path in ShiftX.
  • End – stop paths in splits to better mirror real-life processes.
  • Improved version control – makes it even easier for you to scroll through the different versions of your flow.


New customers πŸ€—

We've also met many of you for the first time this year as new customers of ShiftX. Thank you for believing in our product and for all the feedback that helps us improve every day. Here are some of you:

Want to help out? Leave a review πŸ’œ

Software buyers worldwide use platforms like G2 and Capterra to compare tools and decide what to go for. We do it ourselves. That's why we've created a G2 and Capterra page for ShiftX. If you've been using us for a little while, you've got the chance to be the first user to leave us a review. We'll get in touch with those who do and send you a little surprise.

Write a G2 review of ShiftX.

Write a Capterra review of ShiftX.

Santas package delivery process πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ„

We hope you've found value in structuring your business processes in ShiftX this year. If you need an example for inspiration, look at how Mr. Claus maps his package delivery process.

And as always, if there's something you're missing or want to ask us, don't hesitate to get in touch or join our Slack community.

Have a happy Christmas and a structured new year!


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