ShiftX is built to be a collaborative tool. Our goal is that anyone should be able to efficiently use and get value from ShiftX, no certification or training needed

With access control in ShiftX you can choose to keep flows private, share it with a selection of people or give the entire workspace access to see or edit.

Keep flows private or share with anyone

Integrate your flows into other tools and websites to share them with your colleagues or even with people outside your workspace.

Real-time editing is awesome when collaborating on flows together. No more refreshing, spinners or loaders. Just fast and smooth editing in sync with your teammates.

Always stay in sync with your teammates

Discussions are best when you can have them face to face, but when that is not possible it is smart to have them in context of what you are working on. In ShiftX you can add comments to any step, and mention people you want to notify about your comment.

Async discussions in context

While mapping a flow you will likely come across areas where you see potensial problems, or maybe you have some suggestions for improvements. Adding an issue to this step will let you describe the problem, track its progress and assign it to someone that fix it.

Easliy suggest ways to improve your flows