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In ShiftX there are several ways to organize, browse, and structure your content to make it easy to find what you need and understand how your data is connected.

Search and filters

Use filters and search to find what you are looking for faster.

Easily find what you are looking for


Do you have some favorites? Add flows, actors, issues and more as favorites to quickly get back to it later. This can be very useful for things you are currently working on, or visiting often.

Favorize items you work on often


Tagging can be a wonderful way to organize your flows. Use tags to group similar subjects and structure your flows for easier discoverability.

Tag your flows to keep them organized

Version control

Version control is important when working on something over a longer period of time. Being able to track your progress and see how things have improved since the beginning is very motivating. Publishing new versions is also helpful when you need to align people on current workflows.

Track improvement over time