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Knowledge should be available for anyone, and with ShiftX we want to make this knowledge accessible and easy to understand.

Narrative with actors

Good narratives are key to better flows. Every step need to describe who does what and how. To keep track of all the actors performing different actions in your flows, you can tag these systems, people, roles and more in your narrative and reuse them across your workspace.

Tie your whole organization together


Sometimes you need to add additional info to a step. In the content-tab you can add notes, images and links to provide useful info and instructions.

Add images, links and notes to every step with relevant content


How long does a step take? Or a flow? Add duration to any step to calculate average duration on a flow.


When you need to describe how the actors in a step communicate, you can do this by adding a channel. This can e.g be an API, a phone call, or a meeting.